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Our Kennel was established in 2011, after 15 years of owning and showing miniature schnauzers and active involvement with the Northern Schnauzer Club.  After much research and support from experienced mentors, the time felt right for us to breed our first litter and our foundation bitch was Magic (Silversocks Sharade at Darksprite.) Magic has a lovely temperament as well as good conformance and proved to be an excellent mother.

In 2007 we acquired our first affenpinscher, Crybbe (Ingerdorm Crybbe) who started our love of this rare breed with its centuries old history. Four years later, we were able to add another affenpinscher to our household: Aoife (Orlock Baobhan Sith ) who, in December 2013, gave us our first litter of affen pups. Aoife proved to be an exceptional mother and we have three of her pups still in our family as well as two of her grandpups.


We do not breed often but with each litter we are aiming to produce healthy puppies of good temperament who can look forward to a long and happy life with us or with their new owners whether as show dogs or as family pets. Our own dogs are fit and healthy and we look for stud dogs who are good examples of their breed, with clear health tests as applicable to the breed and who we feel will improve or enhance the next generation of dogs. All our dogs share our home and family life, have trips out to dog-friendly places and go on holiday with us. Puppies are raised ()using the Puppy Culture protocols devised by Jane Killion) in the home environment and are well socialised with household noises, people and our own dogs by the time they leave for their new homes. We hope that their new owners will remain in contact so that we can see how the puppies develop and grow throughout their life.

If you would like to see more about our canine household do check out the archives of  Magic's blog ''Life in the Doghouse. If you go to the blog archive on the right hand side of the blog page, you can follow the progress of the first litter by clicking on 2012 (February through to May) and other litter in 2013 March-May 2013, Aoife's litter is 2013 December -February and Trilby's litter in 2014 February to May. There are photos and videos of the puppies from birth onwards and details of the run-up to the whelping through Magic's pregnancy and the preparation of her whelping box. Click here to go through or use the link on the Links page. for the most up to date blog posts from 2016, these can be found on our new blog An Affenpinscher Diary' hosted by our newest member of the family, Moth, Saoirse's daughter. 

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